A busy week in terms of offers for more exciting workshops

Since the blog has gone out my inbox has gone a bit wild. So many talented, creative, energetic, enthusiastic, willing and experienced people in Scotland. I am blown away, and very appreciative of those who are just making my job so much easier by stepping forward and offering their skills and ideas for workshops. A big thanks  must go to the willing workshop leaders and speakers who have come forward.

So you have a few more updates, and in the next week I shall add on more.

The programme is now full, overflowing in fact, rich, abundant, diverse, exciting, and for all palettes and tastes, and aimed at  varying levels, so everyone attending will have options and can get fully involved.

As well as all the fantastic practical, theoretical and skill based workshops we have an equal amount of artistic, fun, creative, therapeutic and relaxing workshops. If you haven’t noticed it already, I will just point it out, we are all very excited by the way this event is shaping up.

Bookings can be made here: http://www.permaculture.org.uk/scotland/booking-scotland-permaculture-convergence-2013  With some subsidised places still available.

We hope you will join us and add even more, to what is already on offer.



Programme update

The programme is filling up, and we have some fantastic workshop leaders and speakers who have now confirmed. Over the two days we will have a jam-packed, exciting and diverse programme to suit all needs, tastes and levels of experience. Of course you can also chose to just chill out, relax, enjoy the grounds and meet up with like-minded folk. But we think you will be tempted by a lot of the activities and workshops planned.

So far it’s looking something like this:

11 Workshops

8 Talk/discussions

3 Practical hands-on sessions

4 Outdoor nature walk/workshop

3 Arts/crafts session

1 Music/singing workshop (with few a  more planned)

3 Introduction to Permaculture

3 Design presentations

These are just the parts of the programme that have been confirmed. We have a good few more penciled in, and some people who have still to confirm.

The workshops range from Introduction to Advanced/specialist and with a good few in between which will appeal  to all.

If you have any ideas for a workshop or would like to present a one of your designs, please contact us.

Email: Tracey at courses@jameschapman.org.uk

Alternatively fill in your workshop details on the online form herehttp://www.surveymonkey.com/s/X7CMQ8W and we will get back to you to confirm time slots and details. Please do this asap as the programme is filling up fast.

On top of all this we have a ceilidh, open mic entertainment, film/cinema session and all this will be complimented with a sauna, set next to a natural swimming pool.

This project is supported by Scottish National Heritage

This project is supported by Scottish National Heritage

Do you want to facilitate a workshop?

*** Update**

Please note that the funding we had for workshop leaders has now been allocated (it was offered on a first come, first served basis) The programme is also almost full, only a couple of people still to confirm. But, if you have an idea for a workshop or are keen to share your experience, expertise or a design, please do get in touch and we can see what is possible, or keep you in mind in case of any changes to plans.

Many thanks to all who have offered to facilitate workshops, we look forward to seeing you there.


The programme is shaping up very finely for this years convergence, we have some fantastic workshops leaders and speakers confirmed, and all in a very short space of time. The details of which shall be announced shortly

We still need a few folk to help us  complete the bigger and fully diverse picture. We want to make sure the programme is full-bodied, rounded, tasty, inspiring and fully representative from all angles, permaculture wise.

This is where you come in.

You can sign up to facilitate a workshop, share your expertise/skills and contribute to making this an event to remember and be talked about for some time to come.

AND the good news is, that we still have some *funding that you can claim if you offer a workshop (we had funding for up to twenty five people, £50 p/p, on a first come first served basis) So, if you think the funding may assist you in attending the Convergence AND you would be willing to facilitate a workshop, now is your opportunity to let me know, and sign up. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/X7CMQ8W

* Please note that the funding is limited.

Here is a list of some of the identified areas of interest for more workshops: (but if you have any other ideas then please let me know)

Introduction to Permaculture sessions  (any Diploma students up for doing one of these?)

Herb spiral practical – we shall be building a herb spiral for Comrie Croft in the spirit of giving something back to the host site. Anyone like to volunteer to oversee the design and implementation of this? (Lusi Alderslowe has offered her support to whoever takes this on)

Environmental art workshop. We have one session booked for this, but it would be great to have another session.

Outdoor practical activity. Again we have a few sessions booked, but the more the merrier, lets get creative.

Bio-danza. Any dance teachers out there, prepared to lead a session?

Story-telling earth activist. Let’s start to write a new story for the people and the land, from a permaculture perspective. anyone up for leading a storytelling workshop?

Singing workshop. Let’s raise the roof Anyone up for this?

Music workshops (James Chapman is organising the music, but let me know if you want to sign up to lead a workshop, please)

Any wild, wacky, creative, original and innovative ideas welcome

This project is supported by Scottish National Heritage

This project is supported by Scottish National Heritage