Gutter Gardening, anyone?

Any volunteers to facilitate the planting of herbs and salads?

Do we have anyone coming along to the Convergence who would like to volunteer to facilitate a workshop on herb and salad growing?

We offered Comrie Croft, as the host site, the option of choosing a project, that we could contribute to, as a group while we are there. This was in terms of some practical task that would add to their overall permaculture design idea. We have some funding to contribute to this for materials.

One of the ideas was a herb spiral/garden, but Comrie Croft are still not at the stage of knowing where everything will be placed, so they came up with a herb wall (Gutter garden) which you can see on the attached photo, for  growing herbs and salads to use in their on-site cafe. Andy from Comrie Croft, has said that their handy person could design and build this, but not as part of the demonstration.

So, we need  someone to facilitate a session here: talking about what kind of plants might be suitable to grow in such a structure, what kind of maintenance/upkeep it requires, maybe even a bit about zoning (this structure is planned for just outside the cafe) and finally planting in some seeds and/or cuttings. Also any other information that would be useful to pass on, so that others can replicate the idea at home and Comrie Croft get the best use out of the structure.

Anyone interested in leading such a workshop? Do you have experience to share about a maintaining a similar structure? Or would you like to do a wee bit research beforehand and work alongside Comrie Croft, to make sure that this structure is positioned in the best place for maximum yields and efficiency.

We have some funding allocated for facilitating this workshop. As with other workshop funding that we have allocated, you can claim £50 as a contribution towards your costs (as a volunteer workshop leader)**

Please email: Tracey at courses@jameschapman with ideas or offers, thanks

Gutter gardening, anyone??

Gutter gardening, anyone??

**please note, that if you have already been allocated funding you cannot claim again. 🙂


An opportunity to be pampered with a healing head massage

Just imagine, your head feeling light as a feather, and floating up to the clouds, indulging in the therapeutic and healing touch of a very experienced massage therapist.

Well, that’s what we have on offer..

For the lucky participant, who is the 100th person to book a ticket at the Convergence, we are offering a full head massage.

A lucky draw, or right timing!!

Will it be you??

We will book a slot for you at the Convergence, and you can kick back, relax, be pampered and lose yourself, knowing you are in very safe hands.

This is the ultimate treat in people care 🙂

And a perfect compliment to a full-on and exciting weekend.

head in the clouds..

head in the clouds..

Why April 15th is important…


Well, because it is a Monday and the beginning of another glorious week of Spring time (and if you are living here in the UK you may be wondering just when Spring will begin to burst through with full joy!!)

The 15th April is the deadline for applications for the one funded place available for this years convergence. If you are un-waged and would like to put yourself forward for this opportunity, then please follow this link:

WORKSHOP LEADERS: the 15th April is  the date that I shall require your details (if you have not already given them to me) e.g. biography, details of workshop etc etc AND you need to confirm your booked place so that we can pay out funding (if this is applicable to you)

PLEASE send me all the details necessary so that we can conclude the administration and finalise the programme details.

And also, on the 15th April we will be just under nine weeks away from the Permaculture Scotland Convergence, please support us in making this a roaring success and an event to remember by booking your ticket and coming along to celebrate; community, the Permaculture Association Britain’s 30th anniversary, Scotland’s heritage and beautiful wildlife, permaculture – and the future we wish to create.

Booking information and details here:

Spring is in the air..

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One FUNDED place available at the Convergence. Please read details & apply before 15th April

*** UPDATE***

This funding has now been allocated. Jona Xhepa will be joining us at the Convergence.

Thanks to those who showed an interest in the funding and I hope that we will still see you at this years Permaculture Scotland Convergence.

Also, once again, thanks to those who contributed to the original campaign. 🙂

A few months back I attempted to raise some money via crowd-funding to cover costs for ten people to participate in a Permaculture Design Course (72hr PDC) here in Scotland. I raised $245 and learned lots. And I was very grateful for the support and encouragement I had for my idea, even if it never got anywhere close to reaching it’s target.

After fees, exchange rates and paypal costs were deducted, the final sum was £95. I asked those who had contributed what they thought I should do with the money, and of those who replied the suggestions were still to use it towards permaculture training.

The amount wouldn’t cover a full Permaculture Design Course, so I held off from making a decision, thinking the right course and/or person would present itself. And then I realised, it could pay for someone to attend the Convergence. After all the convergence will be two days packed full of permaculture learning, sharing & networking, so a good deal for the money I reckon.

So…. there is funding for one person to attend the convergence, courtesy of all those who made contributions to the crowd-funding campaign.

What is on offer (included)?

One place, for one person who is unwaged

camping space (bring your own tent) or indoor accommodation

food, which will cover evening meal from Friday 14th through to lunch on Sunday 16th June

some local travel expenses*

one years membership with the Permaculture Association Britain (UK residents only)

Who can apply?

Anyone who is unwaged and has a keen interest in Permaculture, who is resident in the UK, or  who is able to get themselves here and can pay their own transport (if coming from outside of the UK)

What do I have to do to apply?

Send your name, email or other contact details and write a few lines about your present permaculture practices and ideas. And how you would share your learning from the event, with your community, in the future. This need only be a few lines, maximum 100 words.

How will we chose who get’s the place?

The names will be put into a hat, and the universe will decide. This is not a competition, just an opportunity. There will be no judgements made about any applications. Only the ‘luck’ of the draw.

When will you know if you have a place?

The closing date for all applications for this funding is 15th April 2013. You will be contacted via email the next day

Please fill in the contact form on this webpage: with the above details. No responses will be published or seen publicly.

*travel expenses will be up to £30 w/camping or £10 w/indoor accommodation (due to the difference in costs for the accommodation)

Good luck, and may the Universe be with you!

Now for the weeks heart warming news

This week on Tuesday 2nd April, the programme was updated with details of some workshops to: Relax, re-connect, re-member & rejuvenate our heart & soul

That page & the site had the most visits in one day, that it has had since launching.

One hundred and thirteen visits to be precise, the highest before being sixty seven, which was on the day that the very first workshop details were announced.

One hundred and thirteen people logged on to check out workshops which were dedicated to our heart & soul. This certainly heartened me (pun intended), and reminded me why it is such a pleasure and privilege to be involved in organising such an event.

Of course the reason for the amount of traffic to this page could have many explanations, but I prefer to analyse this ‘feedback’ as an illustration that  people are moved and motivated by their hearts, and are interested in nurturing and caring for their soul. And whether or not this is the actual case, it is still a positive thing to see so many people checking out the web-page and getting interested in the convergence.

But it would be interesting to find out if the ticket sales have gone up this week, because it has certainly been the busiest week in terms of visits.

The programme really is very exciting, with a great balance of head, heart & hands workshops.  More info will be added shortly, so keep coming back to check, and let your contacts, friends & family know about what is happening.

Oh, and please pass on the details to anyone you think may be interested in the funded place.

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