Why April 15th is important…


Well, because it is a Monday and the beginning of another glorious week of Spring time (and if you are living here in the UK you may be wondering just when Spring will begin to burst through with full joy!!)

The 15th April is the deadline for applications for the one funded place available for this years convergence. If you are un-waged and would like to put yourself forward for this opportunity, then please follow this link: http://wp.me/p3hMCU-3s

WORKSHOP LEADERS: the 15th April is  the date that I shall require your details (if you have not already given them to me) e.g. biography, details of workshop etc etc AND you need to confirm your booked place so that we can pay out funding (if this is applicable to you)

PLEASE send me all the details necessary so that we can conclude the administration and finalise the programme details.

And also, on the 15th April we will be just under nine weeks away from the Permaculture Scotland Convergence, please support us in making this a roaring success and an event to remember by booking your ticket and coming along to celebrate; community, the Permaculture Association Britain’s 30th anniversary, Scotland’s heritage and beautiful wildlife, permaculture – and the future we wish to create.

Booking information and details here: http://www.permaculture.org.uk/scotland/booking-scotland-permaculture-convergence-2013

Spring is in the air..

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