Gutter Gardening, anyone?

Any volunteers to facilitate the planting of herbs and salads?

Do we have anyone coming along to the Convergence who would like to volunteer to facilitate a workshop on herb and salad growing?

We offered Comrie Croft, as the host site, the option of choosing a project, that we could contribute to, as a group while we are there. This was in terms of some practical task that would add to their overall permaculture design idea. We have some funding to contribute to this for materials.

One of the ideas was a herb spiral/garden, but Comrie Croft are still not at the stage of knowing where everything will be placed, so they came up with a herb wall (Gutter garden) which you can see on the attached photo, for  growing herbs and salads to use in their on-site cafe. Andy from Comrie Croft, has said that their handy person could design and build this, but not as part of the demonstration.

So, we need  someone to facilitate a session here: talking about what kind of plants might be suitable to grow in such a structure, what kind of maintenance/upkeep it requires, maybe even a bit about zoning (this structure is planned for just outside the cafe) and finally planting in some seeds and/or cuttings. Also any other information that would be useful to pass on, so that others can replicate the idea at home and Comrie Croft get the best use out of the structure.

Anyone interested in leading such a workshop? Do you have experience to share about a maintaining a similar structure? Or would you like to do a wee bit research beforehand and work alongside Comrie Croft, to make sure that this structure is positioned in the best place for maximum yields and efficiency.

We have some funding allocated for facilitating this workshop. As with other workshop funding that we have allocated, you can claim £50 as a contribution towards your costs (as a volunteer workshop leader)**

Please email: Tracey at courses@jameschapman with ideas or offers, thanks

Gutter gardening, anyone??

Gutter gardening, anyone??

**please note, that if you have already been allocated funding you cannot claim again. 🙂


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