Less than five weeks to go… and the nights are getting lighter..

Just under five weeks to go before we converge at the beautiful Comrie Croft, Perthshire!!!

We will be coming together to celebrate (big style) Permaculture in Scotland,  AND the 30th Birthday of the Permaculture Associations (Britain).  All the organising details are coming along  great,  bringing  individual elements  together harmoniously, to compliment, enhance and create the final grand design.  And we are very excited about what is promising to be an amazing event for permaculture.

We have arranged an inspiringly diverse mix of workshops, which includes, amongst many other things, forest gardening; introduction to permaculture; diploma designs; Talk & nature walk -Creating relational resiliency; “Towards community – creating a vision of a peaceful, sustainable world”; The Natural Step Framework; Community Video Workshop; Biomimetic and Biophilic practices, a two hour foraging walk, History of Permaculture in Scotland AND raw chocolate making!!!

Outdoor practical activities will include rocket-stove making, nature connection and planting a vertical herb garden. There will also be a yurt set up as a creative work space, offering singing, massage, basket weaving, creative writing and much more!

We really do have great balance of head, hands & heart workshops planned.

What we have scheduled for the weekend:

  • Workshops x 37
  • Forums/ Discussion panels x 4
  • Design presentations/talks  (Diploma standard) x 4
  • Outdoor Nature activities x 9
  • Outdoor practical activities x 3

We have a total of 57 workshops/talk/presentation sessions!!!  These will be offered, throughout the weekend, over 10 carefully programmed time slots, (which means an average of 5 – 6 workshops happening in any given time slot) allowing time for breaks, chats, tea & cakes and lunch.

Workshops will finish at 6pm both nights, in time for dinner, followed by night time shenanigans & celebrations (more details to follow) 😉

We also have some relaxation/exercise slots for the early birds on Saturday and Sunday, and the sauna will be set up and open at certain key points throughout, alongside the natural swimming pool.

  • Morning meditation/yoga sessions x 4

A lively weekend, full of practical, relaxing, invigorating, creative, educational, participatory and fun sessions. And you can chose:  how involved and active you get,  to take time out when you need it, to opt to facilitate an impromptu session of your own in the ‘open space’ area, chilling out in the beautiful natural surroundings and/or be networking like a busy bee!!

Some of you have already asked about the timings for the workshops, and excitement is rising in anticipation of working out your schedule and deciding how to divide your time. So, we will be putting out the full programme online very soon!! Watch this space. Paper copies will also be sent to all participants in good time before the event.

You’re only problem might be choosing between all the brilliant workshops! To help with this, we will be asking workshop leaders to share any notes, info or material they have, which will be put up on the website after the event – phew!

Kids at the Convergence

Forest School Leaders Alice and Rachel, plus a team of lovely helpers will be providing fabulously exciting childcare throughout the whole weekend. For older and more adventurous explorers we’ll be heading into the forest to build dens, cook on open fires, climb trees, examine and track wildlife, build obstacle courses and whatever else takes our fancy… and for those that want something a little less exhilarating we’ll have stories, crafts, games, dressing up, nature walks and more, a little closer to camp.

For very wee ones (3 and under) there will be a super cosy and safe space for parents and their little ones to enjoy together, jam packed with toys, books, art materials and a few other practical odds and ends.

Please don’t hesitate to email if you have any childcare related queries. Contact: Alice Warren – aliceawarren@gmail.com

Oh, and we have ordered sunshine!!!

Oh, and we have ordered sunshine!!!

Practical stuff



Lift shares:

Remember if you are traveling by car, and have a spare seat, please sign up to lift share (equally, if you need a lift, put a shout out and see if anyone is passing your way)


Travel information:


See you soon!!!!



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