Biographies of speakers & workshop leaders (alphabetical order)

Juana Adcock

I am Juana Adcock, a poet, translator and creative writing tutor. Born and raised in Mexico, I completed an MLitt in Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow in 2009, my work has been published in anthologies and literary magazines in the UK and abroad, and I have facilitated a number writing workshops around Glasgow and most recently in Jerusalem too. I am keenly interested in permaculture and in how healing creative writing can be for ourselves and for the world.

Lusi Alderslowe

I am a busy mum and permaculture teacher. I have been working with children outdoors since I founded Nurture in Nature (an outdoor playgroup) in Glasgow in 2006. I designed my allotment for this group of pre-schoolers’ use. Other roles I have had with children include childminding, gardening with schools, home-ed, eco-committee, Forest Schools, Fun Outdoors and kinship caring. I have taught numerous courses from short introductions to full Permaculture Design Courses since I completed my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design in Jan 2011. In 2005 I completed my Masters in Human Ecology, did my 1st PDC, and had my 1st son – what a year! I am currently helping to coordinate the ScotLAND project and this wonderful Convergence event.

Ruby Alba

I am a beekeeper of 4 years, I trained with the local association in traditional beekeeping in 2008 and rapidly moved from there to Natural Beekeeping since. I have a PDC and working on my Diploma.  Studied Countryside Management for Environment at Oatridge Agricultural College. Connected with Indigneous traditions of the Americas, North and South. Experienced in small scale catering for up to 30 people, for indoor and outdoor cooking.

Ludwig Appeltans

From as far back as I can remember, I have felt a desire to be deeply connected with nature. Over the years my connection with nature has included playing in the rain as a child, being a scout master in my late teens, organizing survival expeditions for young offenders in my twenties and living entirely off grid in a Scottish woodland for 4 years in a self-made shelter with a wood burning stove.

Abi Ashton

I have been interested in intentional communities with a Permaculture focus for about 9 years. Over that time I have done much research and developed my knowledge of Permaculture living. I have been a member of Hartwood for nearly 3 years – our aim is to facilitate and promote the development of eco-villages.

Rachel Bailey

A permaculture diploma apprentice, mother, nature-lover, and researcher who also loves to sing!

Jonathan Baxter

Jonathan Baxter is an artist and … His work explores the interface between art and ecology. Current projects include DUO (Dundee Urban Orchard) and When the Future Was Now (a project that examines food sustainability in Lumsden, Aberdeenshire).

Graham Bell & Nancy Woodhead

Graham Bell is the author of The Permaculture Way and the Permaculture Garden, and lives in Coldstream in the Scottish Borders with Nancy Woodhead who works largely in regeneration and community development at a strategic level. Together they have been involved with Permaculture thinking and projects for over 27 years.

Shona Cameron

Shona has been thinking about us as human beings since she first found the Psychology section in her local library  age 17. Now a psychologist working in schools  Shona also shares what she has learnt about Nonviolent Communication in Scotland and internationally. She has been a Certified Trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent  Communication since 2006.

Alan Carter

I am a forester, gardener and park manager based in Aberden. I have been practising forest gardening in my allotment for 12 years and writing a blog about it for the last 2.

Emma Chapman

Emma Chapman is a lifelong forager and a founder member of the Scottish Wild Harvests Association. She aspires to living in symbiosis with the natural world, whilst realising that we have a long way to go and a lot to learn before that can happen. Her own learning includes working with honey bees and with compost worms, as well as foraging. In her professional life she currently manages Reforesting Scotland’s part of STAR TREE, a non-wood forest products research project.

James Chapman

James is currently the busiest permaculture teacher in Scotland and has broad ranging interests including woodlands, compost, music and art.

Andrew Donaldson

Andrew lives onsite at Comrie croft with his beautiful wife, Malize and their three young children, Harris, Rannoch and Poppy. Andrew describes himself as a christian, an entrepreneur, and a lover of nature and the great outdoors. He has a particular interest in seeing life, (in all its forms) return to our sometimes barren, monocultured countryside.

Iain Findlay

46 year old bagpiping ex St Pauls Occupier, ex Talamh,,ex Pollok Free State. Been dabbling with permaculture since ’98. Built many school gardens inc 1 acre site in Inverness. Invented Whirligro vertical growing, crowd funded, working with Edinburgh Uni Students to design it. Presently looking for manufacturers. TNS Practitioner in my business…am trying to build a green business. Hence the workshop idea.

Iñigo Garrido – (Camcorder Guerrillas)

The Camcorder Guerrillas are an award winning Glasgow based voluntary collective. We have been making films on issues of human rights and social justice and supporting community empowerment for 10 years. Our films, training sessions and screening events give a voice to the voiceless, inform grassroots social and environmental justice campaigns and inspire action.

Maeve Gavin

Maeve Gavin‘s passion is to build trust in community through guiding group growth and renewal processes, and to re-ignite our bonds with the natural world. Maeve synthesizes her background in grass-roots community building, with earth based group process work. Maeve is the founder of Way of the Village, and Nature Culture Network Scotland, which is part of a wider international nature connection and cultural repair movement. Maeve lives by a tidal river, loves wild swimming and quality hot chocolate!

Names are in alphabetical order based on surnames and biographies written by speakers themselves.

More biographies continued here:

This project is supported by Scottish National Heritage

This project is supported by Scottish National Heritage


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