Biographies of speakers & workshop leaders: continued

Luci Ransone

As a Permaculture Diploma student, active Transitioner and teacher I am using, adapting and designing tools for greater cooperation and collaboration. I am interested in bio regional resilience / happiness, local food, warm homes, creative resourcefulness and intergenerational skill sharing for a low carbon age.

Philip Revell

I am a founder member of Sustaining Dunbar (a Community Development Trust and part of the Transition Network) and currently project manage our funded projects.

David Sanchez

David is a Researcher at the Centre for the Study of Natural Design (University of Dundee) where he currently develops new educational methods to facilitate nature-based experiences and behaviour change towards a Bio-Civilization with concepts such as biophilia, biomimicry and resilience. He has experience as a teacher in the area of product design, holistic thinking, ethics and ecotechnologies. Recently he join forces with the Centre for Environmental Change and Human Resilience and organizes the launch of Biomimicry UK, an educational network with a group of enthusiasts from Leeds, Bath and Coventry.

Eva Shonveld

Eva Schonveld has been involved in community work for many years. She was a founder member of the local Transition group in her home town, and helped set up community food growing spaces and a local market there.  She’s inspired by seeing local communities find creative and enterprising ways to make and grow more of what they need locally, becoming more sustainable and rewarding places to live in the process.  An Edinburgh lass by birth (“You’ll have had your fossil fuels!”) she now lives on the island of Eigg.

Greg  Sommer

Greg Sommer has been teaching wildlife tracking, bush craft and naturalist skills all over the US and Europe. He enjoys spending many hours in the wilderness exploring and following the trails of animals. He spent a year living in the pine barrens in a self-made primitive shelter. He has volunteered on numerous wildlife monitoring projects and has taught at places like the Regenerative Design Institute and 8 Shields Institute both in California. He has a bachelors of science from the evergreen state college.

Vanessa Stuart

My name is Vanessa. I have been a massage therapist for 30 years and I am interested in bringing a sense of connection and quality to our lives. I am a Partner, gardener, homeopath, friend, mother, cook and very interested in permaculture. I live with the rhythms of nature and I am exploring at all times how to maintain meaning and integrity towards fellow human beings and the planet I inhabit. I have discovered one way to do this is through touch and I am committed to bringing that into the lives of others.

Alan Thornton

Alan is the coordinator of the LAND Network in England. He works with amazing permaculture demonstration (Centres) and those working towards excellence (Learners) from the office in Leeds. He’s at the convergence with his young family.

Ed Tyler

Ed has been a permie practitioner for 19 years. In 1995 he obtained his diploma and founded a permaculture community garden project in Newcastle, which is now an important sustainability project within the city.

For the past 12 years he has been practising in Argyll, helping develop a sustainable bio-region using his own permaculture design. This has involved him in steering Big Green Tarbert, helping run a regional sustainable communities conference, steering Local Produce and setting up another community garden.

Ed taught the first PDC in Argyll in 2005 and has been involved in most of the courses since then. He is also a Diploma tutor.

Fergus Walker – The Seed Truck

The Seed Truck offers a bonanza of different workshops for all sorts of events.

Scott Young

My name is Scott Young and I’ve been working as a holistic therapist with elderly people for 11 years, and during that time I’ve been studying the various sectors of holistic living and applying what resonates in my life…. I grew up on the traditional Scottish stodgy food diet, and by my late 20’s was very ill indeed… I had an epiphany and the course of my life changed… 16 years later I’m a completely transformed person and a couple of years ago I was introduced to the health properties of raw chocolate and the method for preparing it, and have been inspired to begin sharing what I know in a simplistic way.

This project is supported by Scottish National Heritage

This project is supported by Scottish National Heritage


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