Biographies of speakers & workshop leaders: continued

Andy Goldring

Andy is the coordinator of the Permaculture Association, and has been learning about permaculture for twenty years, with plenty more still to learn. He is an active teacher, designer and initiator of projects. He has worked with lots of different projects in Britain, a few in Europe and one in El Salvador. He’s got big ears and loves to listen to what members have to say, so do grab him for a conversation over the weekend.

Jane Hera

I began teaching on Permaculture Design Courses in 1990 at the invitation of Andy Langford, who was aware that the way courses were being taught at the time did not address our feelings about what was happening to our world. I introduced methods from Co-counselling into Peoplecare that have since been widely adopted in the Permaculture world. I have lived close to the Findhorn Community for the last 16 years and focus on training people to run effective meetings and working with individual clients to assist in removing the blocks to reaching our full potential.

Sandy James

Having grown up myself surrounded by permaculture, the principles behind the movement seem so obvious as to be second nature to me. Now as an adult reconnecting with permaculture I see that I apply these principles in every walk of my life, from chemistry research to computer games.

Anna Kinross

Among other things I am a qualified and experienced yoga teacher, been practicing for about 15yrs, lots of experience of different types of yoga and meditation

Claire Lewis

My name is Claire Levey Lewis. I am the Director of the Biodanza Teacher Training School in Scotland (RTSB Scotland). I was the first teacher of Biodanza to start classes in Scotland in 2002, having begun my training in 1996. I work with different groups including children, families and people with disabilities. I am very keen to integrate the teachings and practice of Biodanza with other like minded systems and would be delighted to participate in your event.

Fiona MacDougall

Fiona has been a basket weaver for 13 years and uses natural materials in practical applications.

Claire Mackay

I am a Medical herbalist, gardener and wilderness lover. My passion is keeping the roots that nourish our herbal tradition alive, and I do this by researching the heritage of herbal medicine in Scotland, and offering a distance learning practical herbalism course teaching skills of making home remedies from common ingredients. I am an apprentice at Poyntzfield herb nursery.

Douglas Mackay

A renegade Highlander residing in Midlothian, promoting creative social reform through sustainable, sensitive, inclusive means. Working to integrate the esoteric and pragmatic. Through Deepwater Community Solutions I participate in diverse yet complimentary projects: Youth development & Rights of passage in nature, Supporting Disability through the arts, Family-friendly Dance Parties, Celtic festivals, Taoist health practice, Food Co-ops, Personal empowerment workshops, Skillshare events, and Community radio. Currently marveling at the overlap between permaculture principles and Taoist fundamentals. Keen to share and connect.

Sue Manning

Sue Manning, partner in architects practice – ecological architecture, partner in Tombreck Farm and co-opted board member for Lochtayside CiC (the Big Shed)

Darius Namdaran

I am an oil addict. My recovery program involves training in permaculture design. I’m doing the diploma. So far, written up 5 designs and hoping to accredit in November. My passion is building personal and community resilience in the suburbs. I love the idea of garden farming. I live outside of Edinburgh and live with my wife and two teenage daughters. In my past I have: Done a Law degree, Trained as a joiner, Taught at the Rudolf Steiner school, Youth worker, Property manger and now want to make a living renting chicken coops to my neighbours.

Anthony Ogley

I am a coach working with people and groups to offer the possibility of working from a vision of their dreams of a sustainable peaceful world, practitioner of capoeira angola and a bodywork art called Tantsu.

Chris Pepper

I am Chris Pepper, I completed my design course 13 years ago and have been enjoying increasing and putting my knowledge into practice ever since … I do like talking a lot but I am also keen on practical hands on things such as rocket stoves, I moved to Scotland about 7 months ago and am so happy to be here and want to share my skills and learn new ones in these most exciting times

More biographies continued here:

This project is supported by Scottish National Heritage

This project is supported by Scottish National Heritage


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