WORKSHOPS to: Inspire, Inform, Engage & Entertain

The Story of Scottish Permaculture– join us on a twenty five year journey

The Story of Scottish Permaculture is a shared conversation in which we explore the lessons we have learned from our history and high and low points in the process of learning through practice ourselves whilst sharing what we have learnt with others. The practicalities of applying Permaculture theory, home scale, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Workshop leaders: Graham Bell & Nancy Woodhead

Designing with meaning: Biomimetic and Biophilic practices

A workshop that introduces the way in how we can design with nature and be with nature expanding our Eco-literacy towards a Bio-Civilization.

In two sessions we are going to learn how to practice Biomimicry (the emulation of natures’ wisdom) and how to experience our Biophilia (the innate affiliation with the natural world) as one common purpose: the acquisition of an ethical image of our future, where human intention and nature’s intention become one as symbiosis (which in terms of biology means, an interaction between two different organisms living in close association, typically to the advantage of both). It is time to become ethical designers understanding the language of animals, plants, fungi and bacteria in our permaculture practices.

Workshop leader: David Sanchez & Craig Owens

Talk: What is the Transition approach?

Talk: This will be of interest to anyone who has ever wondered how we can turn the resource consuming, planet destroying oil tanker of our society round, making it life-affirming, equitable and truly sustainable instead.

Workshop Leader: Eva Schonveld

Workshop: How can I help get a Transition group going in my community?

If you’ve been inspired by the talk, or just want to get down to the brass tacks of taking action in your community, this workshop will help you think about how best to use the Transition approach where you live.

Workshop Leader: Eva Schonveld

Introduction to forest gardening and perennial vegetables in Scotland

The workshops will be on practical aspects of forest gardening and perennial vegetable growing in Scotland. The introduction will be a talk and slideshow introducing the concept and some of the plants and techniques used.

Workshop Leader: Alan Carter

Forest gardening and perennial vegetables in Scotland – Advanced (part two)

The more advanced workshop will be a discussion for people with practical experience.

Workshop Leader: Alan Carter

History and heritage of plant medicines in Scotland

Introduction to the heritage of our plant tradition in Highlands & Islands, Medicinal plants of the Gaels and references and resources for researching more.

Workshop leader: Claire MacKay

Making a remedy using native plants

Hands-on workshop – the intention will be for beginners to learn the practical skills of making a plant remedy from native wild-crafted plant medicines. We’ll include processing plants, some wild-crafting tips and the participants can take their remedy home with them.

Workshop leader: Claire MacKay

Limits & inspiration: sustainable foraging in 21st-century Scotland – 2 hour foraging talk & walk

Aim: Explore how foraged resources can play a part in sustainable living in Scotland, & in our own lives right now! Who it’s for:? This workshop will be of interest to both novice and experienced foragers. If you know nothing about foraging before you come on this workshop, you will come away with the basics. For the more experienced, there is always something more to learn on a forage walk, from the leader or from each other, and each can contribute their individual perspective to the picture we build up.

Workshop leader: Emma Chapman

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Comrie Croft walkway& woodlands

Comrie Croft walkway
& woodlands


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