More workshops ….to nurture, inspire & increase awareness

Observing wild Scotland:  Learn to read the signs of Scotland’s wildlife and to observe them in their natural habitat.  Two part –  talk & walk

The workshop/walk is about enhancing your experience in the wilds by learning to observe nature’s patterns in the local flora and fauna. Learn basic identification skills, observation skills and how to read the signs wildlife leave behind. We will also explore how wildlife can be incorporated into a design project. The workshop/walk is for anyone who enjoys spending time outside and wants to learn more about the Scottish wildlife.

Workshop leader: Greg Sommer

People & Permaculture

How can we make sure that people are at the heart of our designs? This session will help us explore how to use Permaculture thinking in relation to ourselves and our communities.

Workshop Leader: Stefan Geyer

Systems Thinking in Action

Systems Thinking in Action: Systems Thinking is what makes Permaculture different from other ecological design methods. Learn what its about and how to effectively think systemically.

Workshop Leader: Stefan Geyer

Observation as the basis of Permaculture- A Guided Walk

Permaculture starts and ends with learning from observation. Our guided walk will be an hour’s stroll sharing what our senses tell us when we look at a site. Some key pointers in reading the landscape, available assets and challenges, in imagining possibilities for a regenerative future.

Workshop Leaders: Graham Bell & Nancy Woodhead

Marvellous Meetings

I offer a set of simple, easy-to-learn methods that can be used to increase productivity, participation and enjoyment in many different everyday situations from work meetings to family meals. They need very little preparation and they work! Marvellous Meetings introduces concepts such as “Open Agendas” and “Thinking Contracts”. These and other methods shared are based on “Minimum Effort for Maximum Effect” and have proved invaluable for people holding meetings of all types.

Workshop leader: Jane Hera

Identifying plants in the field

How to develop your own identification  skills in the field. We will use the Comrie Croft environment to observe and interact with the plant world. Ed will look at different tools and techniques for identifying all kinds of plants including the non-flowering ones. He was taught in the field by an expert botanist many years ago and has never looked back.

Workshop leader: Ed Tyler

Introduction to Permaculture

A taster session offering a talk on permaculture ethics and exploring some of the principles. A workshop for those who wish to know more, and an opportunity to ask questions.

Workshop Leader: Ludwig Appeltans

Permaculture Principles & The Natural Step Framework

Exploring how Permaculture Principles can be applied to achieve sustainable economic activity via The Natural Step Framework. Permaculture and TNS are highly compatible systems proposing principles for effective action. One set are design principles, the other principles for success ie sustainability. I want to use permaculture to influence economy and am asking for input and discussion.

Workshop Leader: Iain Findlay

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Comrie croft mushroom photo


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