Workshops to – Relax, Re-connect, Re-member & Rejuvenate our heart & soul

(although ALL of the workshops will help you to do that, in one way or another!!)

Biodanza – The Dance of Life ‘Connect with Life, Live Your Potentials’  – (part 1)

Biodanza workshops are movement/dance based classes in which we enter into the language of the dance to make connections on a more sensitive, profound and meaningful level – experiencing a holistic connection with ourselves, others and the world/universe around us. There is an introduction to the workshop and movements are explained and demonstrated with the music to initiate the dance. Working with the theme of nature & nurture, the classes will be designed to create opportunities to nurture ourselves through our human link and to extend this to our connection with our natural world. The Dances are suitable for everyone, no experience is necessary

Biodanza Nature & Nurture – ‘The Awakened Senses in Touch with the Earth’ – (part 2)

Following on from above the second part of this workshop will take part in a quiet and peaceful area, outside,  within grounds of Comrie Croft.  The second part shall be a dance with nature & without music and is a specialisation which the teacher is trained in

Workshop leader: Claire Lewis

Creating Relational Resiliency

A soul-centric understanding of the human life journey and designing our culture on archetypal principles of nature…

Workshop Leader: Maeve Gavin

Healing with head massage – the ultimate in people care!

Learning to connect and heal through touch in a non invasive loving way.

This is a workshop in learning to connect and care through head massage. It is a clothes on,non invasive way to learn the art of offering caring and stillness to another. Through this quietening we can re connect to ourselves and truly relax. It is aimed at anyone one interested in people care and is a very useful tool to be able to offer in many life situations for family and friends and for groups needing people care focus . In these times where we are often over stretched and fragmented it is highly beneficial to receive head massage and also to give it.We will work in pairs and all have an opportunity to give and to receive. To be emotionally sustainable we need to feed this part of ourselves as much as any other part, and it is often overlooked.

Workshop Leader: Vanessa Stuart

Nature Connection

(Re-)connecting to nature is essential in order to understand her and find a better way to (re-)integrate with the natural world and become part of a sustainable ecosystem. This workshop is filled with games for adults (and kids +12)

Workshop leader: Ludwig Appeltans

Non- violent communication (NVC)

NVC is a simple yet profound process which offers us skills to practise in every interaction. When we want to listen, when we want to be heard and when we want to find peace within ourselves when it feels like the world is heading in a different direction from us.

Workshop Leader: Shona Cameron


HITACHI Digital Camera

Creative Writing: Words in the World

“It is only when we are aware of the earth and of the earth of poetry that we truly live”  ~ Henry Beston, Herbs and the Earth

Using the tools of creative writing and poetic expression to expand our awareness of ourselves and the world we are living in. Finding beauty, cathartic release, and healing in words that we didn’t know we had inside ourselves. Developing a broad, poetic vision to help integrate our perception of natural systems as a whole and our role as humans in the world. Connecting and empathizing with others through sharing our written selves. This session is suitable both for beginners and experienced writers, we will be using writing prompts and time limits to explore our surroundings, take in the natural environment, and relate it to our own inner landscape. An encouraging, fun and dynamic session where even the shyest of writers will start to bud!

Workshop Leader: Juana Adcock

More workshops here:

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