Workshops – Demonstrating by design, what permaculture is..

Permaculture designs & presentations

A Design for Comrie Croft

James talks you through his design for all 230 acres of Comrie Croft.

Presentation: James Chapman

Permaculture Kids

Let’s get creative about designing permaculture for children – nature connection, gardening, parenting and much more.

Topics/roles likely to be covered: parenting, nature playgroups, Nature Culture Scotland, Forest Schools, school eco-committee, home educating, fostering, childminding, designing & gardening school grounds, and of course designing home gardens and allotments for kids to play and learn in.

Aim: To get to know other people who are interested in permaculture with kids and to find out what solutions people are discovering in this work.   Who it may interest: Anyone who is interested in or already working/playing with kids.

Presentation and discussion: Lusi Alderslowe

Mid-way (to accreditation) Diploma  Design presentation

A talk about my first five applied designs living in an Edinburgh suburban garden: 1. Chicken Coop design. 2. My Garden Design. 3. Roof Top Beekeeping design. 3. Portable Bench Planter. 4. A Willow Bed Design to help with flooded football pitch. 5. Chicken Coop Rental Business (Gypsy Hens).

Presentation: Darius Namdaran (Diploma student)

How to avoid pitfalls in backgarden research.

How to avoid pitfalls of back-garden permaculture research. In a nutshell, this would be a workshop to help folk get the basics of how to do permaculture research in their back-garden and how to collate the data so we can combine data from different gardens. For anyone with an interest in research or who is conducting research as this would be a good forum to share & meet like-minded folk.

Workshop leader: Rachel Bailey (Diploma student)

Permaculture; grow yourself

Introduction to permaculture session

This workshop shows that the design science offered in permaculture can be applied to our entire lives, not just the garden. Open to anyone interested in applying permaculture more widely, this workshop will include singing, role play and even some children’s party games.

Workshop leader: Sandy James

Tombreck Farm & the Big Shed – presentation and discussion

Presentation and discussion about the rejuvenation of Tombreck Farm and how the Big Shed community building fits in with that. Mainly a ‘how we did it’ talk; covers farming, woodlands, community, eco-housing, growing, farm shop and where to go next. Should be of interest especially to people looking at housing and community.

Presentation: Sue Manning

Dunbar’s ‘Local Resilience Action Plan’ and other projects

A talk about the development of Sustaining Dunbar’s fifteen year action plan for creating a resilient, less fossil fuel dependent community. This will explain the thinking behind the project, the community engagement process used and some of the projects and enterprises that have grown out of this.

Presentation: Phiip Revell

More workshop details here: Open Forum Workshops: More about Permaculture and how it is changing our world …..

Demonstrating by design, what permaculture is..

Graphics by James Chapman

Demonstrating by design, what permaculture is..


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