Workshops – some morning sessions to help us connect, stretch ourselves & come together

Relaxation/yoga/meditation group

Friendly informal session including waking up stretches, some breath work and meditation to provide a refreshing start to the day. Suitable for all, no experience needed. Bring a blanket or a mat if you have one.

Session facilitator: Anna Kinross

Introduction to meditation

A simple and accessible meditation, suitable for all and based on body awareness along with the breath and not connected to any particular religion/tradition.

Session facilitator: Scott Young

Celtic Monk Group Meditation

Meditation in the Celtic Cross Tradition. A contemplative guided meditation with 3 stages. The first will be a Celtic statement of protection. Second, Letting go and focusing. Third, Inner watching. Anyone can do it. From any tradition. At the end we will share our experiences and observations, both positive and negative.

Session facilitator: Darius Namdaran

The Work that Reconnects

A highly experiential workshop using the four stages – Gratitude, Honouring our pain for the world, Seeing with new eyes and Going forth developed by Deep Ecologist Joanna Macy

Workshop Leader: Jane Hera

More workshop details here:

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