Some workshops to inspire creativeness, re-use, re-cycling and some good old fun

Community Video Workshop by Camcorder Guerrillas

An introduction to community video to learn basic tips to make the most of your camera or mobile phone, how to edit and share your videos via social networks for local and worldwide distribution. The aim of this workshop is to introduce people to how best use video to document environmental projects, and sharing them via the internet or social networks. We will offer basic tips to make the most of basic audio and video equipment, including mobile phones, and ways to upload them online and disseminate them via social networks. This is just an introduction to demystify video production, and to see what is possible to do with limited resources and your own equipment.

Workshop leader: Iñigo Garrido

Environmental Art

Build something from found items – all artwork is to be burnt on Saturday night.

Workshop leader: James Chapman

Build a rocket stove

Hands on opportunity to build a low impact rocket stove from mostly recycled materials and to use the completed stove. The group will have the opportunity to do some basic metalworking and create a fully functioning rocket stove. No previous experience is necessary as all will be guided throughout the session. The finished rocket stoves will be fired up and used at the end of the session and participants can put theory into practice and discover how simple rocket stoves are to make and use.  Morning session, practical skill workshop

Workshop Leader: Chris Pepper

Permaculture Transformers – Re purposing old jumpers, used bike inner tubes…and ourselves!

A fun, family friendly session [for 6-106 yr olds] to make, learn and share practical skills, whilst exploring how permaculture’s transformative approach can alter how you live, how you relate and the community you inhabit. WARNING: This workshop may have a positive effect on you!

Workshop leader: Luci Ransone

Introducing the use of natural fibres and basket making

The aims of this workshop are to introduce folk to the use of natural materials which can be gathered from nature. Many natural materials can be used for basket making and the fibres used in making cordage by hand. As a specialist basket weaver Fiona can provide information on growing, coppicing and the usage of willow for basket making and structures, as well as the historical usage of baskets in Scotland. Fiona will introduce folk to these materials with hands on practical experience.

Workshop leader: Fiona MacDougall

Introduction to raw chocolate making

Learn how simple it is to make delicious and nutritious chocolate that is sugar and dairy free.

This is a very basic introduction, but within that there will be lots of interesting details about the potent ingredients used in the making of this chocolate, and people will leave with enough knowledge, so as to go home and begin making their own sugar and dairy free chocolate. I would imagine that it’ll appeal to most folk as there is a general love for chocolate in our society, but most definitely, people who are in the process of making healthy choices in life which lead to a more balanced state of well-being on all levels, and who love to prepare food using organic, fairly traded, nutritionally rich, wholesome natural elements.

Workshop leader: Scott Young

Singing session

Suit anyone who wants to sing! Focus will be using the natural voice rather than with accompaniment. An opportunity to share a few songs for others to sing, and also facilitate others who want to share a song.

Workshop leader: Rachel Bailey

Thinking like a Natural Bee

This is a workshop intended for beginners and experts alike, and it will be creatively based,  fairly lighthearted and interactive, and involving displays to stimulate thinking on bees and thinking like bees in natural and permacultural ways. There will be a focus on the environment of bees in terms of their housing and preferred landscape.

Workshop Leader: Ruby Alba

More workshops here:

HITACHI Digital Camera


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