Open forum workshops: More about permaculture and how it is changing our world…

Permaculture in Britain: LAND ahoy!

Andy Goldring will describe the LAND network in England and how it is now spreading to Scotland, Wales and other countries in Europe. We will have a look at a range of permaculture projects and initiatives happening across Britain, including the work of the Permaculture Association. There will be an opportunity for participants to say what they are doing too, so we can all increase our knowledge of what’s happening in Scotland.

Session facilitator: Andy Goldring

All about the Diploma

The ins and outs of the permaculture diploma: how to get going, how to see it through, its uses and why you should consider doing it, what skills you acquire, how it helps permaculture evolve, where it fits in, what support is available and the role of the Association.

Part of this session will be Q & A time.

Session facilitator/s: Ed Tyler & Andy Goldring

Meet the Teachers

There are four diploma holders currently teaching the Permaculture Design Course (P.D.C) in Scotland – who will kick off this session, (other permaculture teachers are also invited to come along) and will be joined by Joe Atkinson, Learning Co-ordinator from the Permaculture Association in Leeds, who also knows a lot of stuff. We are keen to share with the wider membership what we are doing, which includes: a) agreeing a joint curriculum b) make our courses interchangeable c) make sure our charging is fair and inclusive d) bring on and encourage new teachers e) have the most fantastic teaching techniques available f) ensure we are sharing best practice across Scotland, the UK and the World. Here is an opportunity to have an open forum with all four of us, learn what we are doing and why, and you will also be adding to our understanding, of how to make the education process work as well as possible. We’ll tell you where we are at and you can ask questions. Oh, and we also promise to make it fun. But only if you are good!

Session lead by: Graham Bell, Ed Tyler, Lusi Alderslowe, James Chapman &  guest Joe Atkinson

ScotLAND – Our Permaculture Demonstation Network in action

Want to find out more about this exciting new network and how you can become a Member, Learner or Centre? Join Luci Ransome , Alan Thornton  and some of the new ScotLAND demonstration Centres to hear the latest news.

Session lead by: Luci Ransome (ScotLAND Projects Coordinator)  & Alan Thornton (Land Coordinator England)

Permaculture around the World

Andy Goldring will share what he knows about the international permaculture network and some of his favourite projects. There will be an update on the next big event in Cuba and on our plans to host the international convergence in 2015. If you fancy a bit of inspiration for how permaculture is changing the world, come along!

Session facilitator: Andy Goldring


More workshops details here:

Nature: the principle teacher, demonstrating beautifully our inter-connectedness

Nature: the principle teacher, demonstrating beautifully our inter-connectedness



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