Workshops: Permaculture, helping to create a vision for the future

Towards community – creating a vision of a peaceful, sustainable world.

What shadows and gold we can uncover to bring peace to our lives and create harmonious relationships with our selves and nature. The workshop would take a brief look at a visioning process – uncovering our dreams of peace and sustainable community. What peace and joy might look like in our lives and the steps we can take to bring that possibility into our lives now. content – intro. guided visualisation, dance. what are the qualities we need to embody. how that feels and looks in our body. steps we can take to build committed community. Would interest anyone who wants to create a sustainable way of living

Workshop leader: Anthony Ogley

Socially Engaged Art and Permaculture: A Convergence of Principles and Practices

This talk introduces participants to the practice of socially engaged art, drawing on both local and global examples. (In the process participants may discover that they too are socially engaged artists!) It will be suggested that permaculture, as a ‘practice’, offers a valuable framework for the implementation and interpretation of socially engaged art and that the convergence of these practices can generate multiple yields. Edge-conflicts between permaculture and socially engaged art will also be discussed in light of long-term and short-term social-ecological interventions. This talk will appeal to anyone interested in the interface between art, ecology and social activism.

Workshop leader: Jonathan Baxter

‘Thinking About Eco-villages – an Introduction’

The aim is to engage people to start discussing the possibilities for creating eco-villages that work in our current social and economic climate. You should come along if you are interested in the idea of eco-villages, or if you think they are a bad idea, come along and maybe I can change your mind! Hopefully it will be a good opportunity for meeting people who are passionate about combining Permaculture Principles with intentional community living, and the ideal outcome would be lots of new eco-village projects starting up.

Workshop leader: Abi Ashton

Learning to do Permaculture at the Farm Scale – what Comrie Croft is and what we hope it will become

Andrew, one of the co-owners of Comrie Croft will lead a walk and talk around some of the land. He will talk a bit about the history of the farm, values, what it does now and the plans for the future, which includes: 21st century crofts, a mini-district wood-fired heating system, and public demonstration of permaculture in action as part of the Croft’s ecotourism enterprise.

We believe that business should be a force for good. That is our reason for being and why we want to work hard and with passion for our guests, our shareholders, our suppliers/ partners, and our team. Our vision is for Comrie Croft to become a model for rural regeneration with a rich natural environment that includes people, homes, recreation and businesses as an integral part. Specifically we are pursuing ‘permaculture-crofting’: conservation, low impact housing, sustainable enterprises, recreation, eco-tourism and other productive land uses wrapped up in a plan and land use design that ensures they are complimentary to each other.

Workshop leader: Andrew Donaldson

Looking behind, I am filled with gratitude, looking forward, I am filled with vision, looking upwards I am filled with strength, looking within, I discover peace. ~ Quero Apache Prayer ~

Looking behind, I am filled with gratitude,
looking forward, I am filled with vision,
looking upwards I am filled with strength,
looking within, I discover peace.
~ Quero Apache Prayer ~

Permaculture Principles in the Tao

Comparison of permaculture and Taoism. Discussion and practice of Taoist “sustainable health” techniques. The workshop would offer simple movements and relaxation techniques, drawing largely on Tai Chi/Taoist principles, and delivered in such a way as to empower people with regard to their physical and mental health.

Workshop leader: Douglas Mackay

And finally, time for tea & bannocks  🙂

The Mill Bike – A Story with Tea and Bannocks

A hands on workshop led by Fergus Walker of Seed Truck and Fife Diet fame. Fergus will talk you through the principles and processes which led him to designing a bicycle powered portable mill, and how we could be harnessing people-power in the design of alternative technologies. Throughout the workshop we’ll be milling flour to turn into tasty bannocks, cooked outdoors on our wood-fired stove, all washed down with a nice cuppa!

Workshop leader: Fergus walker – Fife Diet & The Seed Truck


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